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Sammy Giovanni Rp#2
"The Supernatural Sammy Giovanni

 Event Name 8 cZw - Thursday Night War Zone
 Event Location8 Pengrowth Saddledome
 Event Start Time & Date89pm Eastern Time
 Event Main Event8Live from Vancouver, British Columbia
 Sammy -vs-8Sammy Giovanni -vs- Sean Hustle

"Scene opens as we see Sammy Giovanni walking down the streets of Vancouver, its roughly around 9pm, the streets are real quiet, not much going on, Sammy was to meet his long time friend Mendez at a local pub, Sammy finally got to the pub but it was closed."

Sammy: What the hell?.........

"Just then out of the blue Sammy gets jumped from behind"

Sammy: Damn it babe you jumped the hell out of me!

Mendez: Just doing my job Sammy how are you doing tonight?

Sammy: Ok kind of bored not much going on in this town...

Mendez: True enough, come on with me I just got us a cab head back to the hotel....

Sammy: OK Have you heard from Jamel?

Mendez: Yeah he is all ready at the hotel waiting for you.

Sammy: Good deal, I got a big match this week babe its really hard not to focus when you are next me!

Mendez: I know but you will be OK once the match starts your like a man possesed Sammy when the bell rings thats all you do is focus on your match and you win and your damn good at it, you just got to get over that loss to Collum and focus on Hustle and beat the hell out of this punk, you have technically never even been pinned so don't worry about it babe your fine.

Sammy: I know just a lot on my plate to handle with this match this week CZW was expecting big things from me and two weeks in a row I sucked.

Mendez: Well your brother and me are here now to help you regain that long reign of gold you held before CZW we will get the fighting back into you Sammy, its there its just hiding right now.

Sammy: I know, once I feel i fucked up well thats it I don't think I can do any thing right.

Mendez: (Looks at Sammy with evil eyes) Sammy you listen get that damn bullshit emotion out of your head right now you focus on your next match and only your next match hell Hustle is a joke you know it, CZW knows it I still can not figure out how he got wrestler of the week but any ways your better than him Sammy get it in your head........

Sammy: Yea I will babe...

Mendez: Your damn right you will, you will be a champion soon, now that CZW has had this split you will have no problem walking threw any of the talent on War Zone you will be the man Sammy real soon, my Woman instincts have not ever let you down have they?

Sammy: No they have said I would be a champion before and you was right.

Mendez: Well let me prove it to you again.

Sammy: Allright, so whats the plan for the rest of the week?

Mendez: Well tomorrow morning we got some major work out planned and then tomorrow afternoon you have a press confrence with

Sammy: Damn I hate them things I just wish they would leave me the hell alone.

Mendez: I know but thats also how you go about and get noticed Sammy, you must start doing interviews when they ask as much as you hate them you have to.

Sammy: Sure, I guess I can do it.

Mendez: Guess nothing you will, hey heres our limo to take us back to the hotel.

Sammy: Why did you tell me to meet you here when you knew they closed at 9?

Mendez: Just wanted to talk to you in private for a while before we got back to the hotel.

Sammy: Ok...(Sammy opens the door for Mendez and they get into the limo and head back to there hotel).

Sammy and Mendez arrive at the hotel they walk into the lobby its pretty busy people are walking in walking out they run into Jamel who is comming up from the reasturant...

Jamel: Little bro hows it going?

Sammy: Good man what the hell are you eating?

Jamel: Got 2 steaks, Fries, and a a pitcher of Budwiser!

Sammy: Hmm I guess your hungry...

Jamel: No man this is just a snack I ate supper earlier.

Sammy: (Looks at Mendez) And your worried about me training?

Mendez: (Smirks and Gives Sammy a kiss) I am going up stairs to my room your room is the pent house Sammy.

Jamel: How the hell is it that you get the pent house and i get just a room?

Sammy: I started before you?

Jamel: Funny....Well I will see you tomorrow, get ready for a busy day Sammy...

Sammy: Yes I heard well good night.

Jamel: Yeah night man.

"Sammy walks over to the elevator there he see's a bunch of people talking about world events, the youngest of the group looks at Sammy with a strange look."

Sammy: Problem?

Man: No problem just you look like some one I have seen before?

Sammy: No I don't think so....

Man: I do think so let me think........Oh damn it I know who you are your a wrestler for that wrestling promotion that is here this week ah what is called.....CZW right?

Sammy: No man you got me mixed up with some one else.

Man: Hey Jack you know this guys one of those CZW wrestlers.

Jack: Yeah your right Bill he is I have seen him before he lost twice in a row to Eric Collum.

Bill: Oh I know you are Sammy Giovanni "The Samoan Supernatural" right?

Sammy: Yeah you guessed it right.

Bill: Hey can I have your autograph, even know you lost I still think your one hell of a athlete.

Sammy: Sure who do u want to me to make it out to...(Thinking to him self remembering what Mendez said. Good public relations)...

Bill: Can you make it out to my son Tylor he is a huge CZW wrestling fan.

Sammy: Ok where do you want me to sign this.

Bill: Here on this note pad thanks Sammy.

Sammy: No problem.

Bill: So Sammy who are you fighting this week? I have not had a chance to check up on to find out the full match we all have tickets to the show.

Sammy: Great thanks for being such fans of this company. I am going to be up against Sean Hustle in a submission match this week.

Jack: You think you can actually beat Sean, Sammy after all Sean was CZW wrestler of the week last week thats got to be a big challenge for you!.

Sammy: (Rolls his eyes) walks up to Jack and looks down at Jack, look man you can say what you want, you can say I suck, you can say I have no chance in hell to win, you can say what ever the hell you want...(Sammy steps back and takes a time out)...Yes Sean Hustle is a good wrestler but Sean Hustle will not win over me, why you ask, well let me tell you why...(Just then the elevator door opens up and the group gets into the elevator and goes up).

Sammy: Good I did not want to waist my breath any more on them any ways. I hate PR.

(Sammy waits for the next elevator)

(He gets off and walks down to his pent house goes in, there he see's Mendez waiting for him).

Sammy: What the hell are you doing in here?

Mendez: This is my room as well babe.

Sammy: I thought we was going to keep this under radar?

Mendez: Look, Sammy I am here to make you win, and win you will, I have wanted to work with you in and out of the ring ever since you started wrestling you never asked me so I just desided to make it happen. You and me Sammy are a unit and this unit will not be in any way shape or form disrupted.

Sammy: Wow, why did you not ever tell me about this before?

Mendez: You never asked.

Sammy: You got a point there babe.

Mendez: So, I have gathered up some video on Sean Hustle and I want you to watch it tonight. I am going to sleep we do have private rooms Sammy babe our personal life can happen later down the line but right now you need to focus on Sean Hustle.

Sammy: Thanks babe I know what you are saying.

(Sammy sits down in his chair and puts the dvd in of Sean Hustle).

(Mendez walks into the room in just a bathrobe she walks into the room and shakes Sammy).

Sammy: What....Oh hey, hows it going Mendez, wow you look great in my robe.

Mendez: Remember keep this under radar Sammy.

Sammy: Yeah right, what time is it?

Mendez: Its 8:00AM and its time to start our day I am going to get dressed you go take a shower and get ready to go to the gym.

Sammy: Yes dear...

(Mendez smiles and walks into her bedroom)

(Sammy and Mendez go and wake up Sammy brother Jamel)

Sammy:(Knocks on the door) WAKE UP....

Jamel: What...what the hell time is it?

Sammy: 8:30am get your ass up we will be waiting in the lobby if you do not get up I will get a pass key from the lobby now hurry up your the one who wants to help train and get back in shape so we can win the tag titles right.

Jamel: Yes, I am just really tired but O.K. I am getting up.

Sammy: OK hurry up.

(Both Sammy and Mendez head down stairs into the lobby and eat breakfast as they wait for Sammy's brother)

(Jamel finally shows up half asleep but he manages to make it down to the lobby grabs 3 bagels and orange juice).

Sammy: Is that all you like to do is eat?

Jamel: Yes why?

Sammy: Do you know that you and I are now a tag team in CZW?

Jamel: Sure do?

Sammy: You need to calm down on eating man, we got to get into shape and win those North American Tag Team Titles this is serious business Jamel.

Jamel: Why is she here?

Sammy: Why do you care?

Jamel: You know she has all ways had a thing for you brother.

Sammy: Look she is here to help us win, she is our manager and thats it.

Jamel: Sure...

Mendez: Look don't you guys worry about anything like Sammy said I am here to help you both win and you will both win big.

Mendez: The limo is here to take us to the gym lets go.

(Jamel grabs another bagel and another oj for the road and the trio heads to the limo.)


Sammy: Ok Mendez whats the deal what do you want us to do first?

Mendez: Well...Like back in Samoa I have it set up for you to face six guys different backgrounds from speed,size,power,martial arts,submission etc...You will have to defeat them all in a matter of 20 minutes if you can do that your one step closer to becoming the best in CZW. Can you handle that Sammy?

Sammy: Well ya are these guys any good?

Mendez: Yes they are not great but good enough to give you a beating so you can get that viper look in your eyes again, that fatel strike in your fists again and that submission skill you have made your name on.

Sammy: OK Lets go.

Jamel: What am I to do?

Mendez: You are the ref Jamel.

Jamel: Ref? why?

Mendez: Your not booked this week Jamel thats why.

Jamel: What ever OK I know its about Sammy this week lets go Sammy get this show on the road.

Sammy: You OK Jamel?

Jamel: Yeah why?

Sammy: Just checking man you seem a bit pissed off.

Jamel: No man just ready to fight.

Sammy: I know we will be in tag team action hopefully next week.

Jamel: Ya I know lets get you ready for Sean Hustle this week.

Sammy: Ok lets do it.

(Mendez gets in the ring, the six others stand on one side as she tells them the rules)

Mendez: Your job is to make Sammy tap out, if you can do it I will personally hand you $5,000 to who ever makes him tap out and if you all do you each will get $5,000 those are the rules there pretty simple make him work.

Mendez rings the bell.....(DING DING)

Sammy and guy1 lock up Sammy gets him in a headlock and flips him over on the mat, guy1 flips out and drop kicks Sammy in the face, and then hits him with a elbow drop to the face, the guy goes for the cover Jamel counts 1....Sammy powers out sending the small quicker guy a good distance, Sammy gets up the guy charges Sammy meets him with a big boot to the face, the guy drops Sammy flips him over and drops 3 massive elbows to the center of the back and spine, Sammy then hooks on the STF......Jamel drops down to check to see if the man gives up....He TAPS OUT at 2:33 seconds.

The next guy comes charging in hes a bigger guy about 280lbs he goes right after Sammy and picks him up and whips him off the ropes and nails him with clothesline Sammy falls to the mat, but flips up leg sweeps the big guy and grabs his leg and puts him in a Indian Deathlock.....Jamel gets down and asks him if he wants to give up, finally the guy taps out at 1:29 seconds.

The next guy comes into the ring he hooks up with Sammy and delievers two knees to the midsection of Sammy, Sammy doubles over the guy then nails Sammy with a european uppercut that staggers Sammy a bit, he grabs Sammy in a belly to belly suplex but Sammy is to big and blocks it, Sammy reverses the move and sends the guy flying across the ring with a massive belly to belly suplex of his own, Sammy goes over picks the guy up and whips him into the corner and follows threw with a running flying forarm smash to the face the guy stumbles out but Sammy grabs him and pushes him back with authority, and sets him on top of the turn buckle and hits him with the High and Dry, then flips him over and Choke Sleeper, Jamel asks he taps out in 4:58 seconds.

The next guy coms in kicks Sammy in the face with a big boot, sends Sammy staggering he bounces off the ropes and nails Sammy with a larriat, the larriat drops Sammy, the guy picks up Sammy and goes for a DDT, but Sammy blocks it and hits a belly to back suplex on the guy, Sammy spins around and picks him up and hits him with a reverse back fist, then 3 huge knife edge chops to the chest, then Sammy hits him with the Samoan Driver and then he flips him over and puts him in the STF, Jamel asks he taps out in 4:42 seconds.

The next guy comes in hes the biggest of the group about 350lbs he goes after Sammy with a double ax handle and nails him in the head, Sammy staggers, the man grabs Sammy in a bear hug, Sammy tries to resist but the guy is pretty strong, Sammy finally smacks the guy in the ear with a double slap, the man drops Sammy from the bear hug, the man then nails Sammy with a right and a left and another right, Sammy just looks at the guy and starts to laugh, Sammy kicks him in the gut he doubles over Sammy grabs him by the neck and hits him with a huge chokeslam, Sammy flips him over and puts him in the STF, Jamel asks him and he taps out as soon as the move is hooked on. 5:12 seconds.

The final guy comes in he is a smaller guy he goes right after Sammy with a spear, but Sammy side steps he goes flying into the corner poll, Sammy grabs him and nails him with a power bomb in the center of the ring, Sammy flips up and grabs his leg and hooks him in the indian deathlock, the man taps out as Jamel asks...1:12 Seconds.

Sammy gets up and helps the guy up.

Sammy: Thanks for the work out.

Guy: Hey man no problem you are good for sure I feel bad for who ever your facing this week.

Sammy: Yeah he will feel bad after I break him in half. (Sammy shakes his hand as the group leaves)

(Mendez climes in the ring)

Mendez: You see you can win this match these guys are all different size, skills and talent you took care of the them in less than 20 minutes you can win this match Sammy you are "The Samoan Supernatural" get that fight back in your blood, bring back the best Samoan ever to the ring bring out the rage and furry you have built up you are the man you wil be the man in CZW.

Sammy: I do feel it again this is great Sean Hustle has no chance in hell this week, he is a joke he will not be able to defend against me there is no way.

Jamel: Now you are ready little bro you have got that will to win back Sean Hustle is a dead man come this Thursday I feel bad for him.

Sammy: I dont I really want to hurt this guy and make him wish he has never heard the word Samoan before.

Jamel: (Looks at Sammy) Thats the Sammy I remember last year when you held that world title for 18 months.

Sammy: Its comming back bro its back and we will win the tag team titles as well and no body will stop us.

Mendez: That is what I want in you two that Samoan Rage you need to bring it out and be the best you can be. Hustle is not in your league Sammy you know it, and he knows it.

Part 3 tomorrow.