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Sammy Giovanni Rp#2
"The Supernatural Sammy Giovanni

 Event Name 8 cZw - Thursday Night War Zone
 Event Location8 Pengrowth Saddledome
 Event Start Time & Date89pm Eastern Time
 Event Main Event8Live from Vancouver, British Columbia
 Sammy -vs-8Sammy Giovanni -vs- Sean Hustle

***Sammy Giovanni is in the Alberta saying good bye to his companion from the last few days since the last show.***

Sammy: "I've got to get going, I shouldn't have stayed around as long as I did...I've got a big match Thursday and now I had to call in a favor to get this special private flight to Vancoover."

Woman: "I understand, and I appreciate you staying the extra days..but when will I see you again??"

***Sammy takes off his glasses***

Sammy: "I'm not sure, my schedule is pretty tight and I am on a quest for some gold here in CZW. I've got your number, I'll give you a call the next time I'm out here."

Woman: "Okay, yeah give me a few days notice and I'll clear my schedule."

***Sammy gives her a kiss and walks threw the door to board a private plane that is awaiting him. He walks on the plane and a flight attendent takes his carry on bag for him and another shows him to his large leather seat, and yet another brings him a drink. Sammy buckles in and awaits take off.***

Sammy: "What is this??"

Flight Attendent: "Your usual sir, Pepsi."

Sammy: "Oh, ok...are we taking off soon, I need to get there ASAP."

Flight Attendent: "Yes Mr. Giovanni, we will be pulling out shortly."

***Sammy sips on his drink and settles into his chair. The plane begins its taxi down the runway and soon its begining its climb into the heavens.***

Voice: "Sammy...its good to see you again."

***Sammy spins his seat around, setting in the corner of the plane is someone Sammy didn't expect to see.***

Sammy: "What are you doing here?"

Voice: "Come on now, you call in a favor to use this plane and you expect me not to tag along, it is my plane you know. I didn't have to let you borrow it."

Sammy: "Yeah, I know...its just I didn't expect to see you so soon...and I'm sorry I had to borrow it..."

Voice: "Hey, its not a problem that young woman seems really nice, I could see why you would want to spend some time with her."

Sammy: "How do you know about her?"

Voice: "I told you Sammy, I know everything you do...I know what you are thinking almost before you think it. By the way don't you think if your peers in the CZW find out about why you are showing up so late to prepare for the show, that they could take your last little display seriously...I mean I'm glad you are taking things a little more seriously, and you are going to do what it takes to get the job done, I think this federation couldn't handle the real Sammy Giovanni!"

***Just then Sammy's cell phone rings, he pulls it out of his jacket pocket and answers it.***

Sammy: "Sammy here...what do you need?? Hey Jamel...yeah, I'm on the plane now, we should be there in a few, no I'm on a private a friend of mine. Yeah sure, I'll call your hotel room once I get in if we don't cross paths at the airport."

***Sammy hangs up his phone and his mysterious friend turns on the tv monitor, to Sammy looks up and sees his partner talking to someone else on his cell phone.***

...oh yeah he was still back in Alberta, yeah he is on his way now though..yeah you know Sammy....

***Sammy raises his eyebrow when he hears that comment, he gets up and turns the monitor off.***

Voice: "Seems like your partner doesn't care for you staying behind and not traveling with the team."

Sammy: "So what? He does his thing I do mine..that doesn't mean doesn't change the fact that we are the best tag team in the CZW right now!"

Voice: "If you say so. I'm not so sure that your little group will have much of a future after tomorrow."

Sammy: "Why in the hell would you say that??"

Voice: "Look at it are on the road for any CZW title you are that good..what is your Tag Team partner going for??"

Sammy: "Me and my brother are going also for the Tag Team Titles as well...."

Voice: "Correct, and you are facing who thursday night?"

Sammy: "I dunno some guy named Sean Hustle..."

Voice: "Correct...what do you think is going to happen tomorrow night after you defeat the Sean Hustle?? That my friend is going to give you a boost in the singles ranking last week Sean got promoted to wrestler of the week and if you can knock him off in this submission match you have got it made.?"

Sammy: "Hey, I've told my brother that this is just business..he knew before coming into CZW that I would also be a major force in the CZW singles ranking he knows it, if he wants he can go solo as well and get a title its all up to him but my brother knows that I am a solo artist as well and I will not stop until i get a shot at a world title or any title for that matter."

Voice: "Right...and what happens while you are on your way to the World Title and your brother is only getting chances at minor titles?"

Sammy: "Look my brother knows the deal he came in here after me, I brought him to CZW now why are you bugging me about this my bro knows that I am on a mission to get the CZW world title and not him, not Sean Hustle in this submission match is going to stop me, I have had 2 defeats I realize that but now its time to bounce back and show CZW why I am the "SUPERNATURAL"

Voice: "Ok, but what happens when you win that title..don't you think they all will want a piece of you for that title."

Sammy: "JUST STOP IT!!!"

Voice: "What? What I only speak the truth..."

Sammy: "SHUT THE F#@K UP!! I don't give a damn what kind of deal we brother is my flesh and blood you are not, so don't worry if my brother wants a shot at me when i win the world title then so be it he will get it, I do not back down from any one damn it, now get the hell out of my face so i can focus on my match this week with Sean Hustle."

Voice: "You are right Sammy...I made you what you are now!! I made you what you can be soon the World Champion...that is what you want right?"


Voice: "Well the hell that you went through over the past week or so is just a small dose of what could happen to you if I so desire it. I want you on edge...I want you to be at your best...I want you to achieve your goals! When you are on the are at your best...that is what made you the best champion last year 18 months remember????."

Sammy: "You want this, you want me to be on just be in that arena thursday night and see the destruction and mayhem that I bring to that ring...I'm going to send a second message to the roster of the CZW, and its going to be at the expense of Sean Hustle! Hustle, I hope your silence over the last few days means that your asses are locked up somewhere training like you've never trained before for a match in your life. This is the big time, you may be on a high horse right now Sean being wrestler of the week but you have not faced any one as good as me Its like I am the teacher and you are the student when the dust settles the teacher is all ways right and the teacher all ways will win and Hustle you will get taught Thursday Night. This time you will see a new side of Sammy Giovanni a brutal side, a side that you will never want to see again and god help you if you do you will not live to see a third time."

Voice: "That's it Sammy...tap into the rage..tap into that anger...don't let it control control it...use it to your advantage...use it against the Hustle!"

***The flight attendent comes by and gives Sammy another drink and asks him to buckle back up they are approaching their final destination. Sammy complies and turns his chair away from his strange benefactor, and closes his eyes***

------------------------------------------------------- ***It early morning in Vancouver. The scene opens up just outside of the General Motors Place. Its still dark outside, the calm before the storm that will take place later this week. A van pulls into the lot and goes to the back of the building. Its an CZW production truck, the van parks by the back entrance to the arena and out comes two members of the CZW camera crew. They go to the back of the truck and pull out a portable camera and some audio equipment, then they head toward the door.***

Cameraman: "This is bull nuts....I can't believe that we have to be up at this time of the morning to do this. All I've got to say is he'd better be in here."

Assistant: "I'm with you bro..but we got to get paid somehow...all I hope is that this door isn't locked..that will really be some nuts."

***They get to the door and before they can put down their equiptment...the door opens on its own...the men stop in their tracks and look at each other.***

Assistant: "What the f@ck was that nuts man...what are you trying to pull...whatever it is its not funny man!"

Cameraman: "Me?? I didn't do that...I thought you did it?? mean you didn't do it??"

Assistant: "NO..I didn't do it...I thought you did it..oh nuts!"

Cameraman: "Well if you didn't do it and I didn't do it...well that can only mean that HE is here."

***The two men slowly walk into the arena, they put their gear down and take off their jackets and set them in an office area.***

Cameraman: "Hello? there anyone here?? Does anyone know where Sammy Giovanni is?? We are supposed to be here taping a promo for him??"

***There is no one to be seen in the backstage area. So the men make their way into the arena itself where the show tonight will be taking place. The ring, all of the rows and rows of chairs, the jumbotron are already set up for tonight show. There is only a single set of lights on just over the ring itself. The men carefully make their way down to ring side.***

Cameraman: "Hello? Hello...Mr. Giovanni...we are the camera crew...are you here sir?? Come on sir..this is a bit early to be playing games, we really don't want to be here can we just get on with it."

***While the cameraman is pleading for Sammy to appear the assistant gets the bright idea to get inside the ring...he puts his gear down and slides into the ring. He is bouncing back and fourth agianst the ropes.***

Assistant: "Hey man...look at me...check me out...I'm a CZW wrestler!" Cameraman: "damnit man...what in the hell are you doing...get out of there..."

***Just then "More Human Than Human" - White Zombie starts to play over the PA, the men stop dead in their tracks and begin to look around for Sammy....they look back toward the entrance but they can't see him anywhere...then Sammy appears coming down on a line from the rafters of the arena. He lands in the ring right behind the assistant that thought he was pretty cool bouncing off the ropes. Sammy taps the man on the shoulder.*** Assistant: "Holy shit!!!!" ***He turns around and Sammy is right in his face, scared he falls out of the ring in between the top and second ropes. Sammy laughs as the cameraman runs over to check on him. Sammy then goes over and sets down in the corner resting his head on the second turnbuckle, dressed in all black..jeans, Sammy will kill you shirt. The cameraman and his assistant pull themselves together.***

Sammy: "If you want this interview to be over...and you have a fasination with standing in the ring....get your asses in here!"

***They pick up their gear and climb into the ring, they get set up.***

Sammy: "Are you guys ready yet? Put down your coffee and bagel and get that damn camera rolling!!"

***They finish up and turn the cameras on.***

Sammy: "Well, well, is that time again. Time for the Samoan Hit Squad to once again make them self noticed in CZW yes thats right noticed I have had a couple weeks of bad luck but I never truly lost I was never pinned so technacly I am 0-0 still but hey thats ok I am here to do something that not many people have done and that is to take out Sean Hustle and destroy last weeks CZW wrestler of the week in a submission match this kid has no damn idea who in the hell I am, I am the master submission master and Hustle is? NOBODY."

Sammy: "So in this match the powers to be put me in a submission match and you know finally I can get a chance to show the world how damn good I am, I do not mind triple threat matches and what not but I am finally now going to get my chance to dominate in the ring one on one, what Hustle does not realize is that my wrestling knowledge is mostly martial arts and submission and this fool wants to step in the ring with a 300lb pissed of Samoan, hes got balls I will give him that much, Hustle was a lucky man last week to even get the wrestler of the week god only knows why he did but oh well he did, he must of really kissed some ass or something but all in all Sean I am a nice guy but now its time to take that nice ness and shove it right down your mouth, I am going to beat you down to an inch of your pathetic life you son of a bitch you see I have not been what CZW thought I was and that was a force but now things are going to change and this week I will start out fresh and be the man that CZW thought I would be and that is the BEST." ***Sammy gets up from his setting position in the turnbuckle*** Sammy: "All I can really say about this week Sean is that one I hope you don't hold this against me in whipping you to an inch of your life, and beating you so bad you will have to take a month off from wrestling just to recover, this is my ring, this is my world you are stepping into my relm, this is what I thrive on Sean beat downs, submission, you have got no chance on gods green earth to win!" ***Sammy begins to pace and look around the arena.*** Sammy: "You must know that saying the calm before the storm well this is calm and once that bell rings Thursday you will feel the storm, you will get hit buy natures most deadliest weapon me Sammy Giovanni!!!!" ***Sammy stops pacing and gets right up into the camera.*** Sammy: "Please don't take this as an idle threat...I'm not out here just running my mouth Sean...take a look at my track record, when I come out here and say something it fucking happens!!! Sean get ready for the beating of a life time you may think your all that you can call me every name in the book and it will just piss me off more so really your in a no win situation get ready for the real Samoan Supernatural to be in that ring and be ready to dominate and drop you like yesterdays news.!!!!!!"

***With that Sammy flips backward over the top rope...landing on his feet and disappearing up into the dark, empty arena.***