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Sammy Giovanni Rp#2
"The Supernatural Sammy Giovanni

 Event Name 8 cZw - Thursday Night War Zone
 Event Location8 Pengrowth Saddledome
 Event Start Time & Date89pm Eastern Time
 Event Main Event8Live from Alberta, Canada
 Sammy -vs-8Sammy Giovanni -vs- Cage Stryker -vs- Eric Collum

Scene opens as we see "The Samoan Supernatural" Sammy Giovanni sitting in his black leather chair in his hotel room watching TV Sammy is surfing trying to find something to watch then he comes apon a show he remembered watching as a kid called Star Trek "The Next Generation"

Sammy: Wow no kidding I remember this show it was great I used to be a big fan of Cpt Pickard he was great bad ass CPT. I think he was way better than the original guy there Jim Kirk.

Theres a knock on Sammy's door.

Sammy got up from his comfortable chair and walked over to the door.

Sammy: Who is it?

Voice: Its room service!

Sammy: I did not order anything?

Voice: Yes you did sir we have a large steak and cheese sandwich with a cold Pepsi here for you.

Sammy: What that hell?

Sammy opened up the door and low and behold it was his brother Jamal at the door with a streak and cheese and a Pepsi.

Sammy: What in the hell are you doing here?

Jamel: Hey bro just wanted to come up and see you here and watch you wrestle.

Sammy: How did you know where I was?

Jamel: Damn it bro I know every my little brother does......No Dad told me so I thought I would take some time off from the gym and come up and hang out with my now CZW wrestler Sammy Giovanni.... I am really proud of you man.

Sammy: Well I am not but shit come in chill out plus I am starving as all hell.

Jamel: Figured so..

Jamel and Sammy went into the living room of Sammy's pent house sweet and sat down and talked about wrestling.

Jamel: So how things going?

Sammy: Well to be honest with you there really sucking I lost last week man I damn lost I do not know what happened but I just lost to a guy named Eric Collum he was the better man now I got to face him again this week in a triple threat match with some other guy named Cage Stryker.

Jamel: Well I know you lost bro thats why I have come up here to get that fire back in you I know your depressed as all hell and I am here to give you that edge.

Sammy: Give me the edge?

Jamel: Yes give you the edge I contacted CZW and asked them if I could become your manager and they said yes!

Sammy: NO SHIT....

Jamel: Yes SHIT you and I are now partners and first thing in the morning you and I are going to train and train like you have never been trained before I have brought in some personal help who will be arriving in the morning.

Sammy: Who is it?

Jamel: Not saying so enjoy this steak and cheese sandwich cause its the last one you will eat little bro and by god I swear that you will walk out the winer next week your my brother and I am not going to see you fail again we are the best in the business we are "THE GIOVANNI'S" damn it and where taking over CZW.

Sammy: I can not believe this I mean when did you do all this?

Jamel: Last week after your loss I know you was devistated I could tell by the look in your eyes we need to get that fire back in you like when you was the 18 month world champion and that my friend is what we are going to do, you want to challenge El-Pablo for that X-Title well your going to have to get into shape and your going to have to train your going to have to work your ass off and show to me that you want that gold.

Sammy: I do want that gold bro I want it so bad I can taste it now.

Jamel: Well then good starting tomorrow you will get that gold damn it and we will get you threw this match with Eric and Cage you can count on that. Its time that familly stepped in and you know you can count on us we are blood we have been threw it all ups and downs and this time you will be up and you will be noticed here in CZW.

Sammy: Damn man thank you so much for comming up I really appreciate this more than you know my brother.

Jamel: You got it, I am going to go down and get my sweet and get the three other sweets booked so when our guests come in they will be all set so just chill out tonight watch some tv and dont worry I am here and I am going to get you to the top of the world.

Sammy: Ok Sammy give his brother a hug as Jamel leaves.

Sammy goes back and sits back in his chair turns off all the lights opens the windows as the nice cool breeze flows threw his pent house he turns back the tv on and watches Star Trek.

Sammy: Oh yeah I remember this episode.

Sammy starts to watch it and dozes off in his chair.


Cpt. to the bridge, Cpt to the bridge...

Sammy: What the hell where am I?

Cpt. please come to the bridge we have a red alert.

Sammy: What?

Cpt. this is Ryker please come to the bridge now we are under attack by the borg....

Sammy: Looks around he's in Cpt. Pikards quarters but he is the CPT.

Sammy: This is crazy shit but what the hell I will play along..I will be right there #1

Sammy leaves the quarters as the red alert is blaring over the ship, Sammy heads to turbo lift and goes in.

Sammy: Bridge.....

Sammy gets to the bridge and WIll meets him at the turbo lift doors.

#1: Cpt we have borg there just enetered the nuetral zone what should we do?

Sammy: Contact Star Fleet and let them know have them send any available ships asap.

#1: All ready done sir we sent sub space they should be getting in it in the next hour.

Sammy: Good #1..(THinking to him self) This is damn funny how realistic is this.. Sammy goes to his chair.

Sammy: Data set course mark 8.8321 warp3 engage...

Data: Yes sir...

#1: The borg have been taking out all systems the last few days we just got report form the Klingons, and the Vulcans that they have attacked there fleets and destroyed them.

Sammy: Damn borgs I thought we got rid of them all ready?

Warf: Sir picking up distress call from the ship USS Collum should we intersept and beem the surving members aboard?

Sammy: What in the hell did you say Warf?

Warf: Sir? I said we have picked up a distress call from the USS Star ship Collum they have just been attacked by the borg and there are only 29 people left alive on the ship.

Sammy: This is to funny, Data intersep that ship and lets get these guys aboard now.

Data: Yes sir...

The Enterprise gets to the UsS Collum.

Warf: Communications comming in sir!

Sammy: On screen.....

Cpt. Collum: Sammy oh my god thank you for showing up we was in a battle with the borg and they destroyed my ship my crew why are they back Sammy why.....

Sammy: Eric calm down I am going to beem you crew abour the Enterprise and get you some medical help.

Cpt. Collum: No Sammy I will stay with my ship you know all Captians stay with there ship just take care of my crew.

Sammy: Damn it Eric your ship is crippled you have minimum life support and the borg are making there way back to this sector now we got to evacute and blow your ship up so they can not get any more info.

Cpt. Collum: I know Cpt. but I need to stay with the ship I am going to go out like a blaze of glory and take as many borg as I can with me.

Sammy: Eric its not going to happen you know they can not be destroyed with one ship.

Cpt. Collum: I know Cpt. but this is my ship and I will not leave her.

Sammy: Warf get transporter two ready and beem all the survivors aboard.

Warf: And Cpt. Collum sir?

Sammy: Him as well.

Warf: Yes sir....

Cpt. Collum: Sammy it was great serving beside you but now I must die with my ship.

Sammy: Are they aboard Warf?

Warf: Yes sir there all aboard even Cpt. Collum sir.

Sammy: Good, Wesly fire Photon Torpedoes and blow that ship so the damn borg cant use any information about us.

Wesly: Yes sir.


Wesly: USS Collum destroyed sir.

Data: Sir the borg are now 3.39 seconds away.

Sammy: Ok Data warp 9 and lets get some distance and try and figure out a plan of action.

Data: Yes sir.

#1: What are we going to do Cpt.

Sammy: You have the bridge #1 Warf you come with me.

Warf: Yes sir.

Sammy and Warf go to transporter 2 where the crew was beemed aboard.

Sammy: Eric my god are you ok?

Eric: No Sammy I got my ass kicked by those damn borg I told you damn it I wanted to stay with my ship...

Eric takes a swing at Sammy and Sammy blocks it and sends Eric into the wall.

Sammy: Look we need to work together what do you know about the borg what can we do to defeat them?

Eric: I dont know Sammy I dont know I lost 356 people on my ship and you son of a bitch did that and beemed me here when I wanted to die with my ship.

Sammy: Your not going to die with your ship.

Warf: Dr. Crusher is here to tend to the injured sir.

Sammy: Good have her take Eric to the sick bay and do a full medical scan on him.

Warf: Yes sir.

Sammy: Oh and Warf make sure he does not try to leave.

Warf: Yes sir.

Sammy goes back to his quarters.

Sammy: Computer download all files from the Uss Collum I want to know everything that happend with the borg.


Sammy: Who is in charge of the borg are they one person or a collective?

Computer: They are a collective but they have one person who is head collective of each borg vessle.

Sammy: What does that one person or thing do?

Coputer: The leader of the borg vessle is named Cagenitus he is the leader he is very dedicated to the destruction of all humanity.

Sammy: Why computer?

Computer: That is the way of the borg that is all we know about the borg and that is all we got from the USS Collum before it was destroyed.

Sammy: Computer do they have any weekness?

Computer: Yes they do if the head collective is destroyed the ship will die.

Sammy: Hmm so if we get on the borg ship and manage to get to this Cagenitus guy they will all die?

Computer: From the files we have yes.

Sammy: Thank you computer that will be all.


Sammy: Who is it?

Warf sir with Cpt Collum he just got cleared from sickbay.

Sammy: Come.

Sammy: Eric I am sorry I beemed you aboard but I know how we can defeat the borg.

Eric: How?

Sammy: By going over the files we downloaded before we destroyed your ship we found out that there is one head borg and if he is destroyed we win.

Eric: Really.

Sammy: Yes that is why you and me and Data and Warf are going to beem over and kick the shit out of the Borg once and for all.

Eric: Ok lets do it.

Sammy: Data intersept that borg ship we have figured out a way to destroy it.

Data: Yes sir.

Sammy: Data, Warf, WIll, and Cpt Collum please report to transporter 3

Sammy: Ok this is it Jordy has rigged us with some temperary no life injectors what they do is make us invisible to any kind of sensor that the borg may have we are going to beem over and locate the Cagenitus leader and destroy him. We have phasers, that are set on level 10 that should do it this is a serious mission and we all need to work together to destroy this borg threat.

Cpt Collum: Ok lets do it.

WIll: SIr what happens if you dont make it back

Sammy: You will be cpt then will and get my ship the hell out of here.

Will: Yes sir.

Warf, Data, Eric lets go.

They all get on the transport beem.

Sammy: Energize......

Sammy and crew beem over to the borg.

Sammy: Damn look at this place.

Warf: They do not know where even here.

Eric: Cause they know we are not a threat

Data: Cagenitus is located this way sir.

Sammy: Good lets go.

Sammy and crew follow comander data to the location of Cagenitus.

Sammy: Damn how are we going to get in there its surrounded by borg damn it.

Eric: I will take care of it, Eric pulls out his phaser and starts blastin at the borg he drops 3 out of the 10 that where gaurding the entrance way. The borg fight back and start to fire at the crew.

Sammy: Damn it Eric

Sammy throws a Photon Granade at the borg and blows them up the borg fall, Data can you open this door.

Data Just a moment sir, Data gets out his trycorder and does his stuff and the door opens and they see Cagenitus in a big capsul with a brain showing.

Sammy: Damn he's one ugly mother...

Cagenitus: You will not live.....

Eric: You killed my crew...

Warf: Sir orders.

Sammy: FIRE......

The crew opens fire on Cagenitus..Cagenitus fights back but Warf manages to hit a vital point of Cagenitus breathing thingy and it blows up Cagenitus starts to loose his breath and can't fight back.

Sammy: Nice shot Warf..

Warf: Thank you sir...

Eric: He's mine, Eric runs over and pulls Cagenitus off his borg thrown and starts to beat the hell out of him, Sammy runs over and pulls Eric off the borg leader, Eric takes a swing at Sammy but Sammy blocks it and throws Eric on the floor, Sammy grabs his phaser and points it at the head of the borg and fires the borg Cagenitus dies on contact. Eric gets up and looks at Sammy with enraged look Eric charges at Sammy and Sammy points his phaser to his temple.

Sammy: Now look we are the good guys here the needed to die so we could live.

Eric: Well you son of a bitch I wanted to kill him after what he did to my ship.

Sammy: Well you don't have a ship now Eric.

Eric goes after Sammy but Warf grabs him and has the enterprise beem them back over.

Sammy: Set the explosves here this is apparently the center command that should blow this ship up once and for all.

Data: Yes sir

KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK.....................

Sammy jumps out of his chair in shock over that strange dream.

Sammy: Who is it?

Jamel: Get up...

Sammy: Ok hold on...

Sammy goes and opens the door

Jamel: So you ready for your big return this week in czw bro?

Sammy: More than every but man I am really tired I had the strangest damn dream that I was cpt of the enterprise?

Jamel: What the hell? are you kidding me?

Sammy: No man it was really weird and the strange thing about it was that Eric and Cage was in as well it was really kind of dumm but really funny as well.

Jamel: Yea you got some shit on your mind bro and today we will get that out of your system in the gym.

Sammy: Good cause I really need to get a win here this week I am not starting out good 0-1 not what I had in mind. Hell they got guys there that suck that are doing better than me.

Jamel: I know just calm down and things will fall into place.

Sammy: I hope so bro I am not in the best of moods today and I really need to get that focus and drive back.

Jamel: You will no need to worry go take a shower and we will head to the gym and get ready Eric and Cage will not know what will be hitting them after we get done training you this week.

Sammy: Thanks bro for showing up....