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Sammy Giovanni Rp#2
"The Supernatural Sammy Giovanni

 Event Name 8 cZw - Thursday Night War Zone
 Event Location8 Pengrowth Saddledome
 Event Start Time & Date89pm Eastern Time
 Event Main Event8Live from Alberta, Canada
 Sammy -vs-8Sammy Giovanni -vs- Cage Stryker -vs- Eric Collum

***The scene opens up in the lobby of a hotel, the camera stops at the entrance of the Bar. The door is closed, all the lights are off inside except for a strange glow coming from the far corner, an image of a person sitting down can barely be seen in the darkness. There is a note on the door saying closed for a private party, will possibly reopen later this evening. As the camera man tries to open the door, a security guard comes up to stop them***

Guard: "Hey, you...Hey!! You can't go in there!!!"

***The camera man ducks inside quickly and shuts the door, and locks it so the guard can not get in. He laughs at the guard as he tries to open door, but his good mood is about to change quickly, the figure that was sitting near the glowing light had slid quietly across the room and right behind the camera man. A hand slaps down onto the shoulder of the camera man.***

Voice: "What in the hell do you want?"

***The camera man closes his eyes and turns around to face the voice hoping for the best...when he opens his eyes he sees Sammy Giovanni.***

Camera Man: "Uh, Uh, oh thank god its you Mr. Giovanni...I thought I was in big trouble, I thought I got the wrong hotel."

{Sammy Giovanni}: "Whatever...just go over by the TV and set up your crap....I've got things to do."

***The camera man hurries off and begins to set up his equiptment. Sammy walks behind the bar, and pours himself a cold Pepsi, then walks back over to chair in front of the TV. On the screen there is the video from Thursday Night playing, highlights of Giovanni,Wilson, and Collum match, the match was brutal but Sammy lost and was not to thrilled about it.**

{Sammy Giovanni}: "That was a pretty good show the other night, one of the best shows to date. Then we had the triple threat match that was great but Eric managed to win how I dont know but he did the guy is a piece of work for sure he has no skills really at all he has a mouth that just does not shut up, Well Eric ol' boy I will shut your mouth up this week And now I have to beat up some guy named Cage Stryker as well come on CZW I am "The Samoan Supernatural" Sammy Giovanni give me a break I dont want to be in triple threat matches for god sakes let me face one apponent one at a time."

***Sammy takes a sip of his Pepsi and chills out a bit***

{Sammy Giovanni}: "You know some times I wonder why CZW hires guys like Eric Collum what are his abilities in the ring from what i found out he's just more lucky than anything its really frustrating when you got a guy like me who trains his ass off ever damn day, and works really hard to be number one a former 18 month heavyweight champion and then you got this guy who comes into CZW and pins that bumb Chris Wilson. He did not want anything to do with "The Samoan Supernatural" but thats ok I do not blame him for worring and taking out the pussy Chris Wilson I give him credit where credit is do for being that smart.."

***Sammy takes a sip from his mixed drink***

{Sammy Giovanni}: "I mean come on Eric...what makes you think that you deserve to be in the same ring with the greatness such as I, and the soon to be the next CZW World Champion!! Please don't give me the standard crap that you have been a champion here, and you have been a champion there, you've done this and you've done that. Let me remind you where you are are in the CZW NOT any of those other places you might have has some measure of success. You see there is a huge difference between those places and the CZW...and you are looking at it Eric!! My name is "The Samoan Supernatural" Sammy Giovanni and I deserve to be treated with you realize what you have asked for?? Well brother as the old saying careful what you wish for...cause you ARE going to get it!! You WILL be my next victim on the road to laying claim to what is rightfully mine! You may not like me this week you will come to terms and realize why I am the most feared son of a bitch in pro wrestling today. You can call me names you can call me no talent what ever the hell you want names don't mean shit to me its how we settle this in the ring remember i got the proof that I am the best just watch my dvd and you will see why!!"

***Sammy finishes his drink, gets up puts his glasses behind the counter drops a few bills on the bar and walks out the door and onto a waiting elevator.***

Camera Man: "Dude hurry up, the sooner we get done here..the sooner we can hit a couple of casinos before the boss expects us back...he won't know the difference."

Assistant: "Why can't we just come back tomorrow..when its daylight...this place gives me the creeps."

Camera Man: "Quit being such a pansy and get your ass up here, there are blackjack tables calling my name."

***The crew makes it up to the front door and the assistant hides behind the camera man as he pounds on the wooden door with the gargoyle door knocker attached.***

Assitant: "Oh well, nobody home...we will have to come back some other time."

***The assistant turns and starts to head back down toward the driveway, when the door slowly creeks open. He stops dead in his tracks and quickly resumes his position behind the camera man at the door way. As the door comes to a stop, the camera man looks inside, there is no one there. They take a careful step into the main hallway, as they clear the door, it slams closed behind them.***

Door: "BAM!!!!!!!"

***The sound bounces off of the walls and high ceilings and echoes all around the crew.***

Camera Man: "Excuse me? Is anyone here? We were sent here by the CZW to speak to you Mr. Giovanni...can we please have a word with you??"

***Just then a young woman steps out from the shadows behind the crew. She reaches out and puts her hand on the assistant's already shaking shoulder.***

Woman: "Gentlemen..."

***The assistant lets out a girlish shriek and almost knocks down the camera man trying to get away from the woman.***

Woman: "I'm sorry did I frighten you??"

***The camera man regains his composure first.***

Camera Man: "Uh, will have to excuse my partner here...he doesn't like to be out after dark, a freak Halloween accident as a child has left him emotionally scared for life. But we have been sent here by the CZW to tape an interview about Mr. Giovanni's upcoming match."

Woman: "Ahh yes, the boss has been expecting you. Please follow me."

***She doesn't wait for a response and starts to make her way down the long hallway. It is dark along the hallway. There is a faint light that is on that is shining enough so they can see the walls and floor of the back hallway The woman turns to the men.***

Woman: "Please, if you would, stay right here I have to go in and announce you."

***The camera man nods and the young lady slips quickly into the room. After a few moments alone...the men are startled once again by the sound of doors opening when the woman flings the double doors open.***

Woman: "Gentlemen..."Mr. Giovanni" will see you now."

***The crew walks into the dark room, as they clear the doorway...the young woman leaves the room pulling the doors closed behind her. They find Sammy seated behind a large oak desk in a black high back chair. There is a candel setting on the edge of the desk giving off the only light in the room, an errie orange glow. On the center of the desk is a bunch of paper work and check book and stuff. Sammy is setting with his arms behind his head, his eyes closed.***

{Sammy}: "I was wondering how long it was going to take for them to send someone out here. Please gentlemen...take a seat."

***The men find two chairs setting in front of the desk, they set down and begin to set up their equipment.***

Camera Man: "Excuse me Mr. Giovanni. We are ready to start now whenever you are."

***Sammy unfolds his arms and pulls the chair up to the edge of the desk, he rests his hands on top of the desk neatly folded together. He takes a deep breath and then opens his eyes.***

{Sammy}: "I'm there anything in particular you have been sent here to ask? Let's just get that out of the way right off the bat."

Camera Man: "Well, not really sir. Just wanted your thoughts on the upcoming match with you and Eric Collum and now added to the mix Cage Stryker?."

***Sammy looks dead into the camera, and flashes an evil toothy grin.***

{Sammy}: "Well its going to go like this, I see my self walking out of the ring with a win, you ask why and how well I will tell you why and how, you see this time I am going beat down Eric Collum so bad his own mother will not recognize the guy after I destroy him then I will take care of Cage Stryker who ever the hell he is, yes you may notice I am in a fowl mood thats cause the only way Eric won was taking out that shit stain Chris Wilson last week, he had no chance of defeating me he knew it so he went to the weaker apponent and did his damage there. It was good stratagy I was kind of shocked that the guy had that much intellegence to figure out to go for the weaker apponent in this match but he did and I give him credit for it."

Camera Man: So are you going to use a different style of wrestling or stick with what braught you to the pro ranks?

{Sammy}: "I am going to stick with what got me here and that is my ruthless agression and this week Eric and Cage will find out why I am the best in the business today, I do not stand around and grieve over a loss I will step back in and destroy those two guys this week up in Canada theres no chance in hell that I will loose twice in a row no damn way, no damn how. Eric was just quick and smart last week and by god it will not happen again."

Camera Man: Any thoughts on Cage Stryker?

{Sammy}: "Who I don't even know who the guy is hell I really don't give a crap to be honest with you hes nothing he has not done anything that has impressed me if he's even done anything at all, to answer your question no I am not worried about Cage Stryker he should be worried about getting his ass beat down by the pissed off 300lb Samoan."

Camera Man: Are you going to be training as much as you did when you first showed up in CZW?

{Sammy}: "Wow where did they find you? yes I train every day for 6-10 hours a day, I lift, I work on in the cage, I swim, I run, I fight some more, yes I train for every match like it was my first."

Camera Man: Any thing you want to say to CZW?

{Sammy}: "Yes there is actually, get ready Collum and Cage, you two will fall to the best and that is me, and like I said in my first promo El-Pablo I am going to take your ass out and get that X-Title you think I am joking just watch my match this week and see how serious I am."

Camera Man: Well Sammy thank you for your time for news where signing off!!!!!!

Scene Fades......